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absolutely amazing!

We just finished our last one on one session with our trainer. We have a 14 month old beagle and it is absolutely amazing how different he is now after several weeks of training. Our pup can sit, come, heel, place, and get into a down position.

He was jumped by a couple dogs at a dog park and became very agitated around other dogs. Now, he walks by like it doesn’t even bother him. John is excellent at what he does and changed us and our pup for the better! I would highly recommend him for any training you may need.


Allison W.  // Verified Google Review

Great company!

My trainer was absolutely wonderful. I was so worried about letting my dog go away for two weeks and my trainer and his family really made her one of their own.

 She came back home and absolutely blew me away with everything John had shown me that she learned. Great company!


Zoe C.  // Verified Google Review

Thanks so much for the great work with Moose!

 I was ready to give up and now he listens to me, the change is wonderful! We love the high energy of our border collies, but our new puppy Moose was such a pain to try and get to behave.

We can take him anywhere now, it is terrific to see the changes in him! Thanks again!!


Darcy K.   // Verified Google Review

fantastic job!

We’ve had Nala since she was a pup, and over time she developed confidence and a non-aggressive social anxiety with other people and children. When people would slowly try to approach her she would cower and run behind me and my wife. when we would take her out to go to the bathroom she would complete her business and pull on her leash really hard ready to go back indoors.

 We decided to contact OffLeash and Jan referred us to my trainer who has 4 children (we are expecting so we wanted her to get used to being around kids and not be afraid of going on walks with a stroller). My trainer did a fantastic job with Nala with her on leash walking and off leash walking.

Its been a week since we got Nala back and it has been a world of difference, she no longer pulls when walking and follows every command. we have been exposing her to new environments and slowly she is getting better and better!! Thank you OffLeash K9 Training!!!


Jay P.  // Verified Google Review

Absolutely recommend OLK9 - staff & results are amazing

Absolutely recommend OLK9 – staff & results are amazing. Our 6 mo. GSD has grown so much during his 2-week board & train. My trainer made us feel confident during the entire process & sent us great updates throughout. Our pup was very reactive (confidence issue) and although he knew basic commands, had very selective listening.

He now is a phenomenal listener and aside from a couple days of adjusting to rules applying in his own neighborhood, he no longer reacts to everything/everyone that moves!


Natalie B.  // Verified Google Review

Amazing! I can't thank my trainer and OLK9 enough

 I brought my 8 month old German Shepherd named Journey. She is so high strung and full of energy! With two toddlers, we wanted her to be a functional, wonderful part our family and not always in her kennel or outside.

All it took was the first lesson! I am blown away with this program and will tell anyone who will listen. So happy we did this. You will too!


Chrishelle R.   // Verified Google Review

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